In 1996 Werkina Werkendam was the first to sell DBS, an effective 2-wire operating system which, within a short period, became the standard for shipping installations. 


The DBS achieved success because of the following advantages:

  • strong reduction and simplification of cabling
  • system can be expanded for extra generators, pumps, spud poles, alarm and light points etc.
  • if required, remote maintenance through PC with touch screen and mobile phone
  • maximum reliability thanks to the modular construction of hardware and software


Our solid service and support did the rest. Werkina has been the standard for Data Operating Systems in sea and river transport since 1996.




Werkina stands for “permanent innovation”


As a market leader in Digital Operating Systems for all types of professional ships, Werkina is permanently active in innovations in order to hold on to their leading position. New functions can constantly be added to the Digital Operating System. All system data is processed in statistics and graphs for analysis and optimisation. In other words, a Werkina Digital Operating System is constantly improving itself.  

But at Werkina we also work on improvements ourselves. A pertinent example of innovation is the explosion-proof PC with TFT and touch screen which functions in a network with the wheelhouse-touch screen and the load-PC. This means all electronic functions can be operated from the deck and the entire tank system is accessible.



Digital Operating System with other vessels

The unmissable function


One unmissable function is the Digital Operating System on a push combination or for vessels otherwise linked to the ship. One single data cable links all the important data from the barge to the ship. An exceptionally effective and functional solution for the operating of a variety of items including generator power supply, bilge, fire and level alarms, navigation lighting, calls and all forms of control.


Motor ship Joline at the Lorelei
Motor ship Joline at the Lorelei


Analogue measurements visualised digitally


A Werkina Digital Operating System is so flexible that even analogue measurements can be visualised.  Analogue measuring modules can be linked to the system without problems and can be communicated to the touch screen in the wheelhouse. This includes the following measurements:

  • tank measurements for fuel, drinking water, ballast, lubrication oils etc.
  • volt, ampere and frequency measurements.
  • measurements of main and auxiliary engines: rpm, oil pressure, cooling water temperature etc.


Link to touch screen

Reliable technology, simple operating


The Digital Operating System is an independent system and highly reliable. It is linked to a PC which runs on the familiar Windows menus. Simple actions at the lectern allow you to control all settings, such as changes in the changeover times, priority changeovers and reporting of alarm points. You “control room” is the ergonomic touch screen which is easy to use and provided with dimmable lighting.


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