The management team of Werkina Werkendam
Diana Visser-van der Stelt (secretary) with Teo van Maastricht (general director), Kees Hoekwater (manager), and Andries Haan (assistant manager). Together with Marty Vos (engineer, not pictured) they form the MT.

Over 40 years of maritime development

Werkina is one of most experienced and successful maritime installation companies in the region. The secret of our success? If the situation calls for it, we’re stubborn enough to swim against the tide. But we’re also smart enough to know when that tide has turned and it’s time to change tack. And sometimes we even chart a new course for the entire sector – like we did in 1996, when we introduced our Digital Operating System (DBS) with touchscreen interface. This was quickly adopted as the new standard for ship operating systems. And we can thank DBS for our current reputation in the shipping sector as an innovative, creative and trendsetting player.


Integrated design, engineering and assembly

Werkina can handle the design, engineering and construction of complete electrical systems for a wide range of maritime applications. But we first made a name for ourselves as a supplier to the inland shipping sector.


Werkina looks ahead

At Werkina Werkendam, we like to look ahead. When you could still find an old-fashioned ship’s wheel in the bridges of a lot of inland vessels, Werkina was already building electric steering systems that replaced this wheel and enabled automated operations. Werkina went on to build hundreds of steering systems with electronic controls.


As inland vessels grew larger and larger and shipping lines started to switch to hydraulic control systems on a massive scale, Werkina continued to specialise further in on-board electro-technical systems – from lighting to generators and from pumps to electric drive units for cranes.


Complete installations

In addition to engine control systems, we also have decades of experience installing nautical equipment, HVAC, tank monitoring, signalling and entertainment systems. Throughout our history of in-house development, Werkina has regularly introduced surprising new innovations, like W-PROP, for example: a modular power management system for vessel propulsion.



Werkina’s modular power management system for electric propulsion enables the user to save on space, weight, maintenance and maintenance costs, fuel, and, of course, CO2, SOx and NOx emissions!



Werkina works exclusively with tried-and-tested materials that offer proven reliability. And do not forget: with qualified people in a CCR-certified, NEN-EN-ISO 9001:2008-certified SBB training company.


Company history


“Werkina Werkendam is founded by (ex)skipper Dirk Versluis in 1977 as business concern in thrusters, car cranes and ship-supplies. Although Versluis had little knowledge of electrical engineering, he had a vision what was needed. In 1987 he approached me through my father to pioneer in an old barn as an electric engineer with specific marine-electrics.


Versluis honered everything that he promised, brought reinforcement in person of a manager and a head finance. Thanks to prosperous business we moved to a new build office in 1991 to welcome a growing clientele. When founder Versluis in 1995 unexpectedly died, the real strength of our company proven once again. I received unconditional support and commitment from 11 great colleagues to carry on with the company.


And to this day, our team remained strong on all fronts. Innovation, quality and service, it seems obvious but tha is only possible when the whole team supports it. And so we continued to grow. In 1996 we introduced our Data Operation System with touch screen control that set up a rock solid reputation. Innovation is in our blood and technology in our genes. Also in our new residency we continue to do what we have always done before: lead and do what works.”


In the in 2010 fully renovated premises on the Biesboschhaven vessel-owners and skippers can have themselves updated on the state of maritime electronics.

We offer you a warm welcome!