Largest switchboard ever


Segment 1 (1 and 2 are similar parts) of 5. Click here to see what’s inside!

Werkina recently completed the largest series of switchboards ever produced by our firm. This series consists of 5 segments with a total length of 46 metres and was made for a large dredging vessel. The electrical systems were realised in partnership with Gebhard Electro.


Both the propulsion and the dredge pumps are fully electric. Comprising four Mitsubishi generators – with respective capacities of 1,275 kW, 1,700 kW and two times 3,400 kW – the combined system can produce nearly 10,000 kW of power!


Werkina’s power management system (W-PROP), which incorporates Vacon frequency drives and other elements, divides this massive amount of energy between the four 1,800kW propulsion engines, two 700kW bow thrusters and one 700kW stern thruster.


The dredging systems are also fully electric. Together, the two 2,250kW electric motors for the dredge pump and three heavy jet pumps (two 950kW units and one 700kW unit) amount to an impressive power requirement. Various other units on board also draw power, like a number of conveyor belts, winches and the vessel’s 500kVA static converter, which provides voltage for the vessel’s electrical systems.


All in all, a very impressive system, which we are duly proud of!


Segment 3 of 5 of switchboard DC Orisant
Segment 3 (3 and 4 are similar parts) of 5
Achterkant van segmenten 3 en 4.
Achterkant van segmenten 3 en 4.