W-PROP on board of ecoliner

Werkina's power management for ELECTRIC propulsion

Werkina's power management voor elektrische voortstuwing

One of the most innovative ships on the inland waterways is currently the EcoLiner, built by Damen/Bodewes. The EcoLiner is the first ship that combines gas-electric propulsion with tested, low-maintenance propeller shaft propulsion.

The ship is equipped with W-PROP, Werkina’s modular power management system for electric propulsion, which saves space as well as weight, fuel, maintenance (costs) and of course CO2, SOX and NOX emission!

innovative Load on boord

Werkina Werkendam: what’s in a name?

Werkina Werkendam: what’s in a name? Werkina develops and produces maritime electronics which do exactly what they are supposed to: work. In an intelligent, efficient and comprehensible way.


Linking advanced technology to excellent ease of use can rightfully be called innovation. Captains and fleet owners who experience that have an innovative load on board. In order to carry out the work safely, quickly, and cost effectively.


A good proof of our vision and working method is the standardised Data Operating System, which has been cleverly constructed out of high quality standard components. We exclusively work with materials which have proven their reliability. And do not forget: with qualified people qualified in a CCR certified, and NEN-EN-ISO 9001:2008 certified, SBB training company.

A good proof of our vision and method W-PROP, Werkina's modular power management for electric propulsion, which saves both space and weight, maintenance, fuel and of course emissions of CO2, SOx and NOx! The LNG-powered Ecoliner has this innovative load on board.


A brief explanation of LNG electric propulsion


Werkina provides complete electrical systems in many maritime sectors. In addition to engine control, we also offer nautical equipment, AC / HVAC, tank measurement and alarming systems and entertainment systems. Make a selection above and see what we can do for your ship. If you can't find what you need, please let us know!

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